Monday, May 26, 2008

Appreciating Sate Kambing and Tongseng Kambing at Kedai Sate Luna - Cimahi

If you like sate kambing (lamb satai) and tongseng kambing (spicy lamb with vegetable), you will appreciate what Kedai Sate Luna at Cimahi does with these tipical barbeque dishes. Just by smelling the typical sate kambing aroma, you will be sent to the unforgettable experience in cullinary adventure. The delicious and greassy brownish meat will be in your mind forever just after the first bite. It is because they use the best lamb for their sate.
I ate sate kambing accompanied by fresh onion, tomato, chilly and sweet soy sauce, and tongseng kambing.
Tongseng kambing in this Kedai Sate Luna is rich with spicy flavor. If you are not a 'chilly person', be careful with the hot green chillies that they mix in this dish. I warn you that this cute chilly is a dynamite! But if you like hot foods, you will always come back to this Kedai Sate Luna.
Kedai Sate Luna is located at Jalan Raya Cimahi, closed to flyover Cimindi.

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