Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fuego, the fire of Cihideung

The first thing that attracted us, Patricia and I, when we entered Fuego, the barbeque and grilled restaurant at Cihideung, was a beautiful wooden ceiling. This restaurant was newly opened at 2nd of June 2008, so it was the main reason why we choosed barbeque as our lunch. An open air concept gives a fresh environment and we enjoyed it very much. We ordered ribs, and guess what! Delicious! Fuego (spanish: fire) just gives more life to Cihideung. Though, I don't know why they tagged this restaurant in Spanish.


Hilda said...

I agree with you both—that ceiling is gorgeous!

Maybe Fuego just sounds nice? I've always liked it. What is the Indonesian word for fire? In Tagalog, it's "apoy." Not quite appetizing, lol!

Harry Makertia said...

Hilda, fire in Bahasa Indonesia is "api". It's quite similar, isn't it?