Sunday, July 20, 2008

Local Shop at Cililin

A spot of local traditional local shop at the small village out of Bandung. Bamboo plays a main role in this society. It can bee seen that the wall of this shop is made of crafted bamboo. Bamboo trees can indeed be found every where here!


TOG said...

The roof looks just like the one on our home. Ours has 5 different colors and it looks very old (and we think it's very beautiful).

Hilda said...

Charming little shop! Yours look better crafted than ours, and the owner seems to have taken the time and effort to decorate it. We call them "sari-sari" (variety) stores because they sell all sorts of stuff.

RINGS Central said...


I saw you visited Cililin. I have heard Raymond Westerling used to live in this place during 1949. Do you if this is true?

Kind regards,