Friday, August 15, 2008

On Spot Tailor

Along Dalem Kaum Street, there are a lot of stores where people can buy T-shirts, pants, jeans, etc. Sometimes, when you want to buy jean, it's not easy to find a proper size for you. But hey, don't worry, just buy one size bigger, and in the corner, there is some one who will fix and make your jean more comfortable to wear.


melanie said...

Heureusement il y a encore des petits métiers comme cela, bien utiles ! J'espère que le tailleur peut en vivre.

Chez nous tout a disparu. Il reste la (mauvaise) solution du chômage. Avec le désespoir en prime.

Hilda said...

He's working outside the building? Gosh. We have lots of tailors and dressmakers too, but they at least have little stalls to work in. What happens when it rains or something?