Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Santo Petrus Cathedral

This Santo Petrus Cathedral is located at the center administration spot of Bandung, Jalan Merdeka, covering 2.385 sq-meters of land. This church was designed by Ir. Charles Proper Wolff Schoemaker with the end of neo-Gothic architecture in 1895.


Kim said...

Harry, it shows you how little I know of Indonesia in that I never would have imagined a typical western structure such as this in that setting. I guess the influence of all the cultures that have come to Indonesia can be seen in the lasting reminders of its architectural examples and its religious history.
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Island Rambles Blog said...

Wow...this is a great photo..I think it looks so western and could be in any North American city......I am just back again and catching up on your blog..cheers.

Web-OJ said...

So beautiful!