Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tea Plantation

You might remember once I posted a tea plantation at the area of Tangkuban Perahu, 25 km to the north of Bandung. Yesterday, Patricia and I visited this area again, this time a little bit further to the north. We stopped not far from Sari Ater, and walked in the middle of tea plantation. I couldn't resist myself to take several photos, and present one of them here.
The story of tea plantation in Bandung could be picked since the year of 1686 when Andreas Cleyer introduced how to cultivate tea for the first time to Indonesia. And now, West Java has a bold reputation of tea culture.
Tea walk, exploring tea plantion, is now offered as one of favorite touristic activity in Bandung. Aita loves it very much!


Hilda said...

It's a beautiful place! I can understand why tea plantation tours would become popular.

Virginia said...

Forgive me for not getting by yesterday to wish you a very happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

I love tea. I know Java is well known for its coffee (which I also love). But I didn't expect there's a rich tea plantation in West Java. Your photographs are wonderful it makes me want to do that tea exploration thing you had.

Craig Wilson said...

Love the strong colours - very vibrant I love them.