Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Balongan Business Trip 01

Yesterday, I went to Balongan, a small city close to Indramayu, about 250 km from Bandung. This city is located at North of West Java. I visited Balongan because of my job. In this small city, there is Pertamina's (Indonesian Oil Company) Oil Refinery Process Unit. My institution, Department of Chemical Engineering ITB, and Pertamina is setting up a project of atmospheric residue hydro-demetallization (ARDHM) performance evaluation.
We had to drive for 5.5 hours, through Sumedang, Jatitujuh, and Jatibarang. This picture shows the situation along the way from Jatibarang to Indramayu.


Steve Harris said...

It's interesting seeing these types of streetscapes from different areas. It must have been a very interesting drive.

Virginia said...

Lovely perspective today. Very pretty city.