Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Colonial Braga Street

Braga street is one of the most important streets located in central Bandung, connecting Asia Africa street and Lembong street. It is the place in Bandung where you can see remnants of its colonial past, and what happens to them if maintenance is disregarded. The once-beautiful buildings that line the street are now, with some exceptions, up for a complete overhaul or at least, a thorough renovation. The whole neighborhood displays a tired look of what it once was, and although it still is one of the sites where history is brought back alive, it's not alive and kicking, but more alive but tired. I am, personally, feeling sad watching what happened in Braga street now. In the colonial age, Braga street was the train tracks running from north to south. In this street, in fact, there are several interesting antique shops along the road, as well as traditional craft stores, an exellent shop selling leather and snakeskin products, and sure, you can watch street painters.


babooshka said...

This ina way echoes my own town. I can see it used to be once bustling and glorious but so many shops are closing and business moving out of town, that yes it is alive barley but tired. Excellent points you've made.

Eki Akhwan said...

Bung Harry, foto-foto Bung Harry (dan foto-foto saya) ada yang mencuri. Coba lihat di sini:

Bunyamin Najmi said...

aduin aja ke KPK!