Thursday, October 09, 2008

Fake Flowers?

Patricia whispered, are those fake? That time we stopped in the front of flowers seller at Cihampelas Walk. And the seller seemed to hear us discussing wether it's fake or not. He explained to us that it is natural. He even told us the name of this flower which I've forgotten ;). But if you click the picture and enlarge it, you could think that these flowers are made of thick satin.


Buck said...

Whoa, stunning!

Eleanor said...

So interesting to find a part of the world I know so little of! The picture of the orchid is wonderful. I shall have that rather than the fake flower! I love used book bookstores. Thanks for your visit to South Africa last Skywatch Friday.

fred said...

Hi, usually in Indonesia the flower is called "Bunga Soka", it belongs to genus Ixora,