Monday, October 06, 2008

Kampoeng Legok

This cozy cafe, Kampoeng Legok, is located at Kol. Masturi street, not far from Cihideung, about 15 km from Bandung. Although they put cafe on it's name, this place actually a Sundanese Restaurant. It's an open air restaurant, with small cozy wooden bungalows to sit and enjoy your dishes. Noticing a lot of laterns around the place, it must be great to visit this place in the night.
The dishes that Patricia and I ordered, fried chicken, tumis kangkung, eggplant with lamb, fresh soy and peanut sauce, and sure, chilli sauce, were amazingly great. We'll be back!


nobu said...

It's nice.
I'd like to have a coffee there.

Hilda said...

Ooh, looks nice! Love the cottage! The seats are floor level?

PJ said...

Hello Harry!
Thanks for stopping by my SWF post. I'm always fascinated by the menus in restaurants in other countries. Our food seems so mundane in comparison. Looks like something I would try.